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Accurate Accountable Evidence
Legacy Mission

Evidencing and gathering vital data on the School Sports Premium Funding is a requirement for every infant, primary and junior school in the UK. It is the responsibility of every PE lead, primary school Head Teacher and Business Manager to ensure that their schools impact report is published on their school website. Have you ever wondered why and for what benefit?


At LEGACY we see this information as the gateway to ensuring we have the evidence to take to the DFE to show the power of the funding.


However, there is no research or data capture in place that can automatically interrogate the information providing us all with key information about each one of the five key indicators and how schools are spending their money.   

The Shortcoming

With ambiguous ways of this requirement being captured there is no clear and consistent way of this information being presented so a true picture can be understood and reviewed of the actual spending and its impact.


Some schools and PE leads are still unaware that their funding has doubled, or even how to work out the value of the funding based on their school size.


Some schools are not clear in the ways that they have spent their funding or the ways in which they are allow to spend their funding.

The Vision

The vision of the PE and Schools Sports Premium Funding was focused around school sport and using the London Olympics as the driving force to inspire a generation.


As we know the present funding is under scrutiny and questions are being asked as to whether it will remain past 2020. 


What this means is unless there is some way of gathering vital data from every school then the funding may be heavily reduced or removed beyond 2020.


It's totally free to use and will give you the actual  Government funding allocation for your school. Clear and transparent for all to see!


How it works

Dynamic Building

It is widely recommended that you start by reflecting on the impact of current provision and reviewing the previous spend. Start by adding last year’s and have an instant comparison between your previous and current Impact report. 


Under the Ofsted Schools Inspection Framework, inspectors will assess how effectively leaders use the Primary PE and Sport Premium and measure its impact on outcomes for pupils, and how effectively governors hold them accountable for this,


Unfortunately the existing system and reporting process is flawed and a solution is needed, so a true understanding of how taxpayers money is really being spent and how the funding is impacting on the children it is intended for.


Remember Legacy has been created for all primary schools to use for FREE.

Analyse & Compare

By being digital, it will be easier, less time consuming and more cost effective to analyse and compare across multiple reports therefore creating a clear, concise and accountable reporting mechanism on the impact of the premium funding spend.


This will ultimately allow policy makers to make a better-informed decision on the future of PE funding, allowing schools to deliver a sustainable PE legacy. 


It is a requirement for schools to publish details on how they spend this funding as well as on the impact it has on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment by the end of the summer term or by 31 July 2020 at the latest.

Legacy will give you clear and concise breakdowns of the expenditure across each 5 key indicators where applicable, together with full swimming attainment.


By being dynamic and fluid, your impact report can regularly be updated and easily published on your school’s website constantly throughout the year as each report will have a unique URL (Web address), therefore publicly evidencing and reviewing the ongoing spend to maximise a sustainable impact


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